Decorating With Pink and Yellow

If you desire a bright, cheerful, yet feminine room....the pink and yellow combination may be just what you are looking for. This combination is responsible for some lovely rooms. Just remember that when it comes to decorating with pink and yellow, choosing the right shades and coming up with the right combination so you wind up with a balanced design is key to your success. It is easy for a room decorated in these colors to look garish, so be very careful. This may not be the best do-it-yourself project. Hopefully  the images I have put together will inspire and assist you.

As you know I love classical spaces. Many times designers shy away from certain color combinations when it comes to historical interiors. I love this room and how it is still refined and elegant despite the bolder color combination. You will hear designers say if you use yellow and pink stay bold or stay pastel. This room is the perfect example why I pay little attention to the rules. This pop of bold hot pink brings life and excitement to this lovely room with it's soft yellow walls.

The lighter shades, such as pink and yellow, tend to add brightness and sunshine to a room.

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White and soft grey set  the stage,but the bright yellow walls, pink flowers and and chairs bordering on red  are the stars of this room.

A golden maize and reddish pink toile is proof of how the pink/yellow combo can be classical and refined. It all depends on how you use it.

Raspberry can be your choice of color for a pink/yellow inspired room

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Yellow classical style can look fresh with a pop of hot pink!

Alberto Pinto

Watermelon pink and butter yellow is a beautiful combination.

One of my favorite color combinations is pink, yellow and green. My dining  room was once done in these colors.....with a touch or two of black.

Black is a great accent color for the pink/yellow combination.

If you crave this color combo but find it overwhelming, try white walls with pink and yellow pops of color. So pretty!

Don't be afraid to mix shades of yellow and shades of pink . Here you can see how nice it looks.

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Leopard is a good acent for a bold yellow and hot pink interior. Doesn't work as well with the more pastel shades.

You can bring this pretty color combination into your interiors through the many pretty wallpapers and fabrics that use pink and yellow in their designs.

While I am not crazy about the room in the background, I do like the current and chic pink/yellow combo with a touch of turquoise added in for extra oomph. The modern wallpaper is nice mixed with the painted vintage chest of drawers.

These yellow walls harmonize well with other trendy colors to make this an exuberant space.

Pink and yellow space that is uplifting without being overpowering

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Pink is such a feminine color that the yellow is needed to break it. Now it becomes cheery and fun and girly without being over-the-top sweet

Liz Cann   

The added black and the bold accessories and art keep this pink and yellow inspired room from becoming too feminine. A man would feel comfortable as well in this living room.

Don't forget parties....... decorate your tables with pink and yellow.

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