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Home office design has never been more relevant as stay-at-home careers are leading more and more American families to dedicate a room in their homes as an office. Home offices are more commonplace by the year, and today one in four American households have one. If you work from home, having a home office is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity and you owe it to yourself to set up a proper office space. A desk in the guest room or working on the dining room or kitchen table doesn't cut it anymore. Create a space you'll love to work in that is stylish, versatile, and reflects your personality so much that you just love being there. Be bold, make your home office interesting, and whether your style is traditional, shabby, or eclectic and artsy, you will be more productive in a space you enjoy!

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I love the flair of an antique desk -- it adds character. The contemporary lamp and pop of purple on the floor keep this home office fresh.

Great idea for a bulletin board. Be creative and make your home office unique.


If you are in need of some furniture but do not have the budget for brand new stuff, you'll be amazed at the possibilities there are with used and older furniture. Checking out garage sales is a fun way to spend some of your weekend time and make your home office an eclectic, interesting space.

David Hicks

Colorful and chic, artwork and bold colors give shape to this home office design. 

Carey Hammett

I love all the patterns and colors in this home office and would be quite happy here. Just  be aware of the fact that an office is suppose to provide a place to be productive and not distracted so make sure you can work well in the environment. 

If you like a vintage, feminine space, this home office would make you content and productive.

The perfect French style office!!

When you have light walls, color accessories should be a part of the decor of your home office. Even your markers, pencils, books, and folders all pop off a white wall. 

Artwork doesn't have to be relegated to the walls anymore. Your home office will be trendy if you just lean single pieces or groupings against a wall.

In this vintage traditional office design texture and pattern reign.

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In your home office, try a bold color you have always admired.

Ralph Lauren

Or you might like a dramatic look for your home office like this. I would love it with a mirrored desk for a taste of Old Hollywood!!

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I like desks that extend out into the room, not just against a wall.  I love this home office....my style.

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By all means make your office look like you....it's a place where you need to feel comfortable.

Your home office doesn't have to be large and expensive. This one has an eclectic blend of  accessories. I love the nail head detailed bulletin board.

White is center stage in this sleek, modern home office design. The walls, furniture, even lamp and electronics all work together to create a blank canvas. Uncluttered spaces help creativity, though a splash of color as accent saves the space from becoming boring.

Love this bright, cheery office!

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A home office needs to be functional. Make sure you figure out what you need and want in the room before thinking about how the space will look.

Who says a traditional style home office can't be fun!!!!

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Don't forget that Lucite tables are trendy and will make your home office current and chic.

Lighting is a huge part of the success of an office so make sure you find the fixture that meets your needs. Also don't forget the need for plants in your home and your office.

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