Decorating With Grisaille For Soft Elegant Walls

The elaborately decorated wall holds a special place in my heart. Whether the treatment is a mural, trompe l'oeil painting, faux name it I love it. This post is dedicated to a style of wall decor called Grisaille (pronounced "griz eye"). Grisaille is a term for painting executed entirely in monochrome or near-monochrome, usually in shades of grey. This decoration was used especially by 15th-century Flemish painters and in the late 18th century to imitate classical sculpture in wall and ceiling decoration. Today there are muralists who will paint en grisaille or there are wallpaper murals available in this lovely art form as well.

The images below are for inspiration if you are considering something new for your interiors.   
Grisaille is a great option for both traditional and contemporary interiors and is especially lovely in classical settings. I love it..........and hope you do too!

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Grisaille paintings resemble the drawings normally in monochrome, that artists from the Renaissance era were trained to produce.

Sometimes more of a sepia color is used in grisaille.

Murals are painted en grisaille directly onto the walls. This could  be grisaille's hard to tell in the pictures.


Main Salone at Villa Ca'Toga Calistoga, CA

A beautiful folding screen en grisaille.

Grisaille offers a fabulous way to put images on walls and ceilings without being over the top or disharmonious. Love the Greek Key!

Many time rooms are entirely adorned in grisaille.

This is an example of how grisaille work can be very subtle if your desire is for a hint only.

It creates a lovely aged background to build your room around.

Robert Jackson, Decorative Painter

Again, sometimes it is hard to tell from the images if the wall treatment is actual painting or a paper mural in the grisaille style. Either way it is a beautiful effect.

Because of the limited contrast, a grisaille backdrop can highlight the rest of the room.

Main Salone at Villa Ca'Toga Calistoga, CA.  Grisaille is used to represent statues and other architectural elements.

What an entrance to this bathroom!

This treatment is ideally suited for surmounting doors or passageways, or for fitting within wall or door panels.

There are other ways to bring the beauty of grisaille into your interiors. These are gorgeous pillows.

This image and the two following show how a room can greatly benefit from a grisaille panel.

Heart be still...I love this piece.

Grisaille folding screens are also popular.

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