Using Navy Blue In Your Interiors

Navy has the bad reputation of only being used in creating a nautical theme in a home complete with anchors, ropes, and sailboats. Or maybe used with red, white, stars and stripes for a patriotic look.
For me Navy Blue conjures up feelings of dependability, power and authority and is a color that brings a classic look to a room. Navy is a bold choice, with sophisticated elegance that also can bring summertime freshness to a room depending on the other color choices you make for the space.This post is designed to give you several options of colors that work well with navy blue for interiors that will leave your guests in awe.

Enjoy this fun blast from the past to get you in the mood for a NAVY post.

I love the pattern of this wall paper. There are so many lovely patterns out there so consider using paper as an alternative to paint.

Navy blue walls offer a striking contrast to white furniture. Anchor the room with a white sofa and a pair of white wingback chairs.

Orange and navy are two colors that look wonderful together.

Some shades of orange are better than others so be selective.

Navy and white makes one think of cleanliness and freshness. What better place than a kitchen for this combination.

Green and navy have long been a perennial favorite. With all the shades of green out there today, this combination is even more exciting.


Yellow is another good secondary color for navy. Yellow, white and navy has always been a favorite combination of mine.

So pretty!!

These pretty colors are perfect against navy blue walls.

Shades of yellow or orange complement navy blue. They are opposite blue on the color wheel.

Many shades of brown are complimentary to navy blue. Love the brown and white zebra print.

Look at these gorgeous blue and tan rooms.


Don't forget!


Purple and navy is also a pretty combination.


Monochromatic navy room.

Navy brings a soothing air of stability to your home decor.

When you think navy, automatically red seems to come to mind. It's a great combination especially when used with other shades of blue and yellow.

This picture and the one below are evidence that red, white, and navy rooms don't have to look patriotic.

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