Decorating With The Grey and Yellow Color Combination

There are several trendy color combinations out there that I honestly am not too crazy about. This is not the case with yellow and grey. These two colors work for me. Maybe it is the gold/silver that strikes a chord. I love the sunshine effect of the yellow, while the grey gives the combo it's sophistication. If you are looking for a redo idea, consider this attractive combination.

There is something so cheery about yellow and white stripes. Add in the grey for sophistication and you have a lovely room.

I love everything about this sitting area. It is a wonderful mix of patterns and the shade of this yellow is spectacular. I want this chair for myself!

A stunning room. I love how the effect of the horizontal stripes carries over into the chairs!

Bold wallpaper makes this small space come alive.

I love the traditional chest of drawers, painted in an unconventional color, and teamed up with the contemporary chevrons.

Gunmetal and mustard combination.

Fresh, modern color combination used in classical interior.

Go heavy on the grey and turn the yellow into more of a butter color.

Contemporary mix of colors and patterns.

The bright yellow makes a vibrant statement that adds interest to an otherwise neutral room of calming grey tones.

I like a third color brought into the grey and yellow mix.

Select shades of pale mustard for a softer and charming style.

Black is a great complementary color for this combo.

Cool and quirky!

Trendy colors that can look very elegant.

Bright lemon for a modern and sophisticated look.

The addition of white makes this rooms so attractive.


Yes, this color combination even works in the kitchen.

Perfect if you just want a touch of yellow.

 Los Angeles interior designer maison 21

Nice mix of patterns with a subtle touch of maize.

Remember you CAN add some more flavor to grey and yellow.

Here is the muted version on the image above.

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