Acrylic Chic Decor.....CLEARLY A Must For Your Interiors

While most of my posts are dedicated to more of an Old World design influence, I do occasionally like to step foot into the 21st century and see what's going on there. Sometimes I can actually find a fresh new idea.  All kidding aside, there are some design trends that I do enjoy mixing with classical interiors. One of them just happens to be acrylic furniture and accessories. The recent Lucite renaissance can probably be traced back to 2002, when Philippe Starck introduced his Louis Ghost Chair, produced by Kartell. It combined just the right classical style with a contemporary medium. I love the way some manufacturers are designing classical pieces in multi colors of acrylic.This trend just keeps on growing. Enjoy the post and see for yourself  how they can work in a wide range of room styles.

Paxton offers a wonderful room dividers, called  Fluowall.

One acrylic piece can breathe new life into a room.

There are a variety of acrylic accessories to choose from.

Cool neon chairs!

Try pairing acrylic pieces with natural materials like the stone table.

These chairs are fabulous with this glass table.

ESPACIO In the UK has an extensive line of modern furniture which includes some clear plastic pieces from famous designers. The traditional design of these chairs would even convince a purist to add some excitement to their interiors.

One of the reasons to love's clean and contemporary.

Can you imagine how fabulous this would look in the right setting.

Acrylic furniture will not only give a room high style, but it can help to make a room feel bigger, more elegant,  modern, and fun, all at the same time.

Since the furniture is clear it takes up less visual space so a space-challenged dwelling such as an apartment won't take on a cluttered look.

Any room with a Louis Ghost Chair gets kudos from me.

Another cool acrylic sculpture.

For a modern look, select some transparent acrylic furniture such as chairs and tables

A coffee table is a good place to start if you are thinking about adding some acrylic.

These pieces would definitely bring a touch of personality to a space.

I love that the furniture appears as crystal and is clear as water.

Acrylic beds are real statement pieces.

This is an elegant acrylic bed. Add in the tufted bench with acrylic legs and you have a lovely room.

The contemporary clear pieces bring an airy feel to any room.

 Just one piece of clear acrylic furniture will shake up any room in any style.

If you only want a touch of acrylic, try some shelves. Objects d'art seem to float on them.


geoffery bradfield

Another example of how acrylic furniture helps a room remain uncluttered.

A small bed side table is another good starting point for your acrylic collection.

Acrylic furniture also mixes with other materials, such as metal, for sturdy pieces with extra design flair.
Founded by designer Jean Christophe Bernard, Acrila of France, produces attractive and unusual modern lines of decorative acrylic furnishings for both commercial and residential use.

Gorgeous scalloped console

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