Decorating With Tartan Plaid......Especially At Christmas

It's one of the most classic patterns around. I love the warmth it brings, especially at Christmas. Since we are so close to the the Holiday Season, I thought it would be appropriate for a post on plaid. Tartan is a bit tricky to say the least. Some rooms are beautiful that  have a bold amount of plaid in lots of pattern-on-pattern combos. However, if you don't want to go over the top, then like anything else, keep it in moderation or a room can look overwhelmed. Try pillows, throws, and other accessories to give you the subtle look of tartan. Pair a large-scale pattern with a smaller one in coordinating colors. To enhance a plaid, choose one bright color from the pattern and make it the dominant color for the room.  I prefer dark backgrounds with plaid because I love the Scottish castle, manor house look of it. I think it is fabulous with a dark background, wood, or stone. But it you prefer a lighter look, it is equally lovely when used against creamy white or papered walls. Just decorate with it, you will love it.

Enjoy while you get inspired!!

Ralph Lauren Holiday Window

Look at how lovely the feminine lace effect is with the masculinity of the tartan. Throw in some leopard and WOW what a room!

Tartan paper is a wonderful way to bring the look to your interiors. Or you can use fabric if you choose.

Love the leather bed!!! Leather is perfection when used with plaid.

A few touches via pillows can give you the subtle look you might desire. Don't be afraid to add an eclectic mix with your traditional tartan. The zebra adds a wow factor.

The perfect marriage ......plaid and Christmas.

Ralph Lauren

There are MANY pretty tartan plaid ribbons to choose from for your Christmas decorating.

I love this room!!! What a wonderful mix of pattern!

Plaid is perfect if you love a rustic look. Log cabins are so pretty when decorated with it.

Simple touches like a window treatment and napkins may be all you need to quench your thirst for tartan.

Don't can decorate your ceiling too. This one is fabulous in plaid.

A great combination....paisley, plaid and leopard.

Beautiful color combo!

Plaid flooring....another way to get the look.

Simple but effective.

While there is alot going on, the combination works! Don't be timid. Mix it up!

Beautiful display shows you how pretty plaid  is when used at Christmas.

So many ways to use a touch of plaid.

Small space....BIG style.  Don't be afraid to use tartan plaid in small areas.

Another lovely Ralph Lauren window.

Whether it's your interiors or your Christmas decor, have fun decorating in Tartan plaid!

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