Classic Black Interiors

I don't think it is a surprise to anyone that I like black. I love black clothing, cars, AND interiors. To me black is like white is to most people, it goes with everything. Black makes colors come alive, brings drama to a room, has that timeless appeal, and is oh so elegant. I use a touch of black in about every room I design. Last year I went shopping with a client to buy an oriental rug for her living room. She went immediately to the lighter colored backgrounds and when I asked why, her response was " I don't know, don't they go better with everything"? Her room DEMANDED the dramatic effect a rug with a black background would offer, so I dragged her kicking and screaming out of the light rug section and proceeded to say those two words a client sometimes hates to hear...."trust me". The rug we purchased is black with all those beautiful muted shades of red, cream, green, and blue that you see in the rugs with cream backgrounds. Her room came alive!! There have been numerous times that this woman has thanked me because she (and all her guests) love the effect that the black rug created in the room. Be opened minded, consider using black in your interiors!

The quintessential icon of elegance. When you think Audrey Hepburn, you think of  classic black.

This is a perfect example of how touches of black can add sophistication to a room.

Beautiful black lacquered walls.

Black, the color that NEVER goes out of style.

Black woodwork is stunning against the right kind of wall treatment. This tortoise shell papered room is the perfect example.

I love the drama of black, especially when used with lovely accent colors.

The kitchen is a great room to experiment with black accents.


Vivid colors are so pretty when used with makes them pop!

I adore painted furniture and this is exquisite.

A Valentine table setting by Lisa Farmer Designs.

Black has the power to add refined sophistication.

This is a fun bistro style kitchen I did in black and white with red accents.  Of course I had to include Miss Hepburn!!.

The black accents in this kitchen is so pretty against the weathered floor.

I love the eclectic feel of this room!

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