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Nhà đẹp ở Nhật Bản: Căn nhà nằm dưới chân đồi được kiến trúc sư Kouichi Kimura thiết kế tại vùng ngoại ô Shiga, Nhật Bản vào năm 2008, với mong muốn tạo sự hài hòa với thiên nhiên nhưng không kém phần hiện đại, lịch sự.

Modern Architecture Design

Modern Architecture Design 2

Modern Architecture Design 3

Modern Architecture Design 4

Modern Architecture Design 5

Modern Architecture Design 6

Modern Residential Architecture

Designed by Australian architect Frank Macchia, this modern home has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and tons of unique style. In lieu of the strict linear geometry used to design most modern homes, Australian architect Frank Macchia chose to combine curved elements with rectangular volumes to create the Blairgowire Court Residence in Melbourne. Once inside the home, curves manifest themselves more subtly. The curved walls visible from the exterior occasionally protrude into living spaces, while an organically shaped soaking tub pierces a wall in the master bathroom.

Modern Residential Architecture 2

Modern Residential Architecture 3

Modern Residential Architecture 4

Modern Residential Architecture 5

Modern Residential Architecture 6

Modern Residential Architecture 7

Modern Residential Architecture 8

Modern Residential Architecture 9

Modern Residential Architecture 10

Modern Residential Architecture 11

Modern Residential Architecture 12

Modern Residential Architecture 13

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence

Entry toward moden architecture design of of Amalfi Residence is via a recycled timber colonnade that runs along the east boundary adjoining the park. It is here that the connection to the water becomes evident as a 25m lap pool forms a secure edge to the boundary, acting as a moat between public and private spaces. How wonderful insidearchitecture design home volumes quickly expand from single to double storey at its centre to allow natural light to filter throughout. Timber lined ceilings at the entry, fold up the void wall to enhance the height of this space. The cantilevered Blackbutt and off-form concrete staircase has become a feature as it enhances the open style of the residence. The flooring changes from a robust bluestone at the entry and void to a warmer Blackbutt timber in the family spaces. Exposed, structural off-form concrete elements also add warmth to the interior when balanced with clean lines and warm timber accents.

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 2

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 3

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 4

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 8

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 9

Modern Architecture of Amalfi Residence 10

Sustainable Architecture Villa
World renowned architect Daniel Libeskind has announced that on September 29, he will unveil the prototype for his highly anticipated Libeskind Villa. The Libeskind Villa is a German-made, sculptural living space which marries the highest standards in design, craftsmanship and sustainability. The Libeskind Villa awakens the senses: light floods through glass expanses, clean lines invite calm, elegant halls and staircases offer seamless transitions. The wooden core offers maximum thermal insulation, and thus efficient operation. The Villa employs onsite renewable energy sources for heating, electricity and water. As a result of its high thermal insulation capabilities and renewable energy sources, the Villa is classified as a low-energy structure. Studio Daniel Libeskind to unveil highly anticipated Libeskind Villa

Sustainable Architecture Villa 9
Sustainable Architecture Villa 8
Sustainable Architecture Villa 7
Sustainable Architecture Villa 6
Sustainable Architecture Villa 5
Sustainable Architecture Villa 4
Sustainable Architecture Villa 3
Sustainable Architecture Villa 2

Modern Beach House Architecture

Merger crossways 4,280 sq feet, the site boasts unfamiliar interiors with monitor-blowing views and a number pronounced quad overlooking the ocean on sole branch, the sizzling minimalist niche seems accomplish for sodden lovers and somebody with prudence for line and Michael Palladino. Flattery to Richard, it’s a queer dwelling. With the ocean. Season is a hectic seaside enterprise designed by Richard Meier and eagerness for a fuse of months in here. What you see in here is subsequent and we can even now suggest ourselves living for natural handsomeness.

Modern Beach House Architecture 3

Modern Beach House Architecture 2

Modern Beach House Architecture 4

Modern Beach House Architecture 5

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