Xa lộ ở UAE, Đức, Ý

Xa lộ (Highways) ở Dubai, UA EmiratesDXB Dubai - return to Dubai with skyscrapers near the creek 5340x3400DXB Dubai - highway from Dubai to Hatta Oasis 05 5340x3400

DXB Dubai - light sandstorm on the highway from Hatta to Dubai 5340x3400
DXB Dubai - return to Dubai on palm-fringed highway 5340x3400
DXB Dubai - stop on the green highway leaving Dubai in south-eastward direction towards Hatta Oasis 5340x3400
DXB Dubai - the skyline of Jumeirah with desert seen from the highway leaving Dubai in south-eastward direction towards Hatta Oasis 01 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - highway from Dubai to Fujairah on Omani territory with Hajar mountains 01 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - highway from Dubai to Fujairah on Omani territory with Hajar mountains 02 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - mosque and Coffee pot roundabout with Corniche Road 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - Corniche Road with beach 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - Hamad bin Abdullah Road in Fujairah with Etisalat building 5340x3400
DXB Fujairah - Masafi mosque on the highway from Dubai to Fujairah 01 5340x3400



Xa lộ (Highways) ở Đức (Autobahns of Germany)

Typical section of Autobahn

Typical section of Autobahn

Autobahn photo

Autobahn tunnelAutobahn valley bridge

Autobahn tunnel (left) and valley bridge (right)

Autobahn section

Typical weekend and holiday Autobahn traffic

Typical weekend and holiday Autobahn traffic

Autobahn shoulder open to traffic

Autobahn construction area

Autobahn service areaService area approach sign

Truck stop exit sign

Overhead signs

Advance guide signs for Autobahn crossing

Overhead signs

Typical overhead advance guide sign for exit

Overhead signs

Exit signs at Autobahn crossing

Overhead butterfly signs

Overhead "butterfly" exit signs

Diagram exit signDiagram exit sign

Examples of diagram signs for complex interchanges

Autobahn road markings

Typical lane markings

Parking area approach sign

Autobahn electronic signs

Autobahn electronic signs showing 100 km/h speed limit and construction ahead

Autobahn electronic signs

Electronic signs showing left lane closed ahead and 100km speed limit in open lanes

Autobahn alternate route signage

Changeable sign showing recommended alternate route

Autobahn emergency phone

Autobahn emergency phone

Roadside post with arrow pointing to nearest emergency phone

Roadside post with arrow pointing
direction to nearest emergency phone

Man demonstrating use of an old-style emergency phone

Man demonstrating how to use an
old-style emergency phone

Old-style emergency phone

Old-style emergency phone

New-style emergency phone

New-style emergency phone

Autobahnen Bundesstraßen Landes- und KreisstraßenWege im AuslandVier Zilinder BMW, Petuelring-Knorrstrasse, Munich, Germany, 03-11-2006http://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1996_03.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1997_11.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/eisenach.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1996_01.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/gaertringen.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1996_02.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a46_2.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1997_07.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a46_3.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1995_03.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a46_4.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1997_03.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1997_06.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/ddorf.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1992_02.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/neu2.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/neu3.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/neu4.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1993_01.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a71_6.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1990_04.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1996_05.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1990_02.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1998_02.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a71_2.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1990_01.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/a71_5.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1997_04.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/neu5.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/1987_01.jpghttp://www.autobahn-online.de/images/neu1.jpgDie höchste Autobahnbrücke Deutschlands, die Kochertalbrücke Geislingen im Zuge der A6. Höhe: 185m, Länge: 1128m

Xa lộ (Highways) ở Ý (Italy)

SS26, Valle di Aosta,Italy, 09-11-2006Chatillon, Valle di Aosta,Italy, 09-11-2006Montjovet, Valle di Aosta,Italy, 09-11-2006

Bridge number

Amalfi Coast

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    E45 Sarsina interchange


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